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Welcome to Power Seller's Center, the Internet's learning community and a pioneer in web-based training for business and the public! Since 2001, we have been helping to produce eBay Powersellers and Internet success stories. Each day, using a computer and Internet connection, students sign into their classroom through the Internet. This "virtual classroom" is designed to fit the student’s schedule.

 Power Sellers Center Logo As with traditional learning, 
qualified Instructors provide a syllabus
outlining course requirements and procedures for student interaction. Assignments will vary by course depending upon the learning objectives, but typically include reading assignments, videos, eBay interaction, e-commerce tasks, tests, essays and discussion groups. Fully downloadable e-books are available for some courses. Students ask questions and correspond with our proprietary message system — any day, any time. In addition, students may be choose to participate in discussion forums or scheduled chat sessions with other students within the community.

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    Power Seller's Center "Power Tip":

    Power Sellers Center, a robust eCommerce education and learning system, today reveals four useful tricks that eBay and web-based sellers can employ in order to find the most competitively priced wholesalers for the products they wish to sell online. Finding a reliable, and more importantly, affordable wholesaler is one of the key ingredients to sustaining long-term success on eBay and the Internet, reports Power Sellers Center, hence the need to do everything it takes to secure them.

    Power Seller’s Center Research - Links and Resources
    First, sellers need to understand that it takes lots of research to find good wholesalers. The majority of wholesalers make zero effort to locate small businesses, because the very best ones are usually always established and have many large retail clients on their books, explains Power Sellers Center CEO. Therefore, “wholesalers won’t come to sellers, sellers have to seek them out. It’s the principle of being the ‘squeaky wheel’.”

    Power Seller’s Center advice on product sourcing: Make Contacts

    One of the best ways to make contacts with reputable wholesalers is through trade shows and trade exhibitions. At trade shows, businesses from hundreds of different industries set up shop in order to exhibit their products to those who might want to buy them. Power Sellers Center maintains that trade fairs are one of the best places to source wholesalers, as not only can buyers meet people face to face and discuss business, they can also check out the quality of the items on show.

    Another idea that Power Sellers Center espouses is to make direct contact with the manufacturers of the items they want to sell. It’s usually possible to find out which wholesalers a manufacturer uses just by asking them for this information. It may seem slightly off, but most manufacturers are happy enough to give out this kind of information.

    Power Sellers Center urges sellers to see the importance of establishing a good network of wholesalers, so that sellers efforts are rewarded with the profits they deserve.

    Power Sellers Center POWER Link


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